Monday, November 13, 2006

WIP Updates

Life certainly has been busy lately, so I thought that I would update my WIP. I actually have four of them. I certainly know how that happened. The Midwest Moonlight Scarf that I started was intended for a Christmas present for one of my receptionists, except I decided that I wasn't going to give her a scarf that has a cost of over $30 in yarn. So that one is on a hiatus. On to WIP #2. I casted on a scarf using Frog Tree yarns. After numerous starts I had finally made progress. That has been put on hiatus for now also. Next stop is WIP #3, which is a toe-up scarf done in Austerman's step yarn. I forgot the colorway. I had a hard time doing the original toe that was part of the class, so Mindy helped me do more of a flat toe. After the first class, we had to knit far enough to knit the gusset and turn the heel. That was accomplished in the second night of class. I had no problem with knitting that. So now I am in the final stages of sock #1. I just need to knit far enough up to be statisfied with how high I want it. Last but not least is WIP #4, which is The Lady Eleanor. Lady Eleanore is knitted up in Malabrigo colorway Saphire Amethyst. I am actually working on the second tier. Once I got the hang of it, it is knitting up real fast and it is real fun to see her grow. I took a class on Saturday morning to learn how to knit her up. Sunday, I stopped at The Loop Yarn in Milwaukee on my way home. I went to look for a new yarn bag and also some Malabrigo in a colorway that one of the ladies had at the class on Saturday morning. I didn't find that colorway but I did find some absolutely gorgeous yarn in my favorite color...ORANGE! I want to knit Lady Eleanore up in the colorway glazed carrot. I also got some blue sky bulky alpaca in a orange duotones. I bought a pattern to make a hat, scarf and mittens if I chose to do so. For now, I plan on making the hat. Pictures to come later. Shower time, then I'll take the pictures and more knitting!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I have been making progress on my Frog Tree scarf. Two days ago, I had another mishap with the scarf. I ended up with an extra stitch. I ended up tinking, I had to undo about 4 rows but everything turned out well. I continued on. I just added a new ball of yarn to the scarf. It is approximately 1 foot so that means 4 more to go. Tomorrow night is the first night of my Toe-up class. I am pretty excited about the class. Tonight, I wound another ball of Frog Tree yarn and one of my Austermann Steps for my class tomorrow. I'll have to remember to post a picture of my progress for tomorrow night. I am also debating about taking my camera with me to get pictures of the group. Well time to go knit and add some more rows to that Frog Tree scarf.