Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sven Update

I starting knitting the Sven Sveater before class. I figure since I'm somewhat of a slow knitter that I would get a head start. I am doing the cuff in 2x2 ribbing and now have three inches worth. I did one row of increases and then ran into a problem How do I increase going up the sleeve? The directions were a bit confusing so I posted a question on the Knitters review forums. I have gotten several responses via email to my question. So now I'm a happy camper and can continue knitting along. I had to stop in at Fiddlehead Yarns last night to pick up a set of 9 double pointed needles. I showed Mindy my sweater and she even agreed that it looked better. She had a class going on so I could stay to admire the yummy yarn. DH and DD were also out in the car waiting for me. We were on our way to the YMCA. DD had a volleyball clinic, so DH and I worked out while she was playing. I had told DH that I wasn't going to do any running, guess what? I ran anyways. I just recently joined the International Scarf Exchange 4. The moderator has said that there are a lot of North American knitters that joined so it may not be that international. There is still time to sign up if you want to join. Just click the button in my side bar. I just got done knitting a couple of rounds on the sleeve to the point where I'm past the first increase. I am keeping a post-it on my pattern and writing it down every time I finish a row. When I completed the fifth round and had to do my increase on the next round, I moved the stitch marker up. I am using a K1f&b increase and so far things are going really well. I think that the sleeves are definitely going to be a quick knit. It'll be interesting to see what I have to do once the sleeve is to where it needs to be and I need to start the second sleeve. I love the color that I picked for the main body. I will post a picture soon of my progress so far and of all the colors that I have chosen for the sweater.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not Much Happening

Much to my disappointment, we didn't get the blizzard they were predicting. Some other place got it. I was so looking forward to not getting dressed and spending the day in my jammies snoozing on the couch and knitting. Last night I did my gauge swatch for the Sven Sveater. I went one needle size up from what the pattern required and bingo wouldn't you know it, I hit gauge on my first try. I also played with Microsoft Excel to map out the pattern in the colors that I have chosen to see how it would work. That also took one try to find something that I like right away. I am trying to decide if I want to cast on for the body or the sleeves tonight. I have a funny feeling that I am going to be placing an order for some extra cables and needles before the week is out though. Last night when I had did the gauge swatch, I had used my Addi's size 9 40". That is just way too much cable. So I got my Knit Picks Option set out found the appropriate size needles. I was happy to discover that they weren't all ready involved in one of my WIPs. I did use the 24" cables, I need to also dig out the 16" cables, I am going to try to knit the sleeves using that. The pattern states to start out using dpns and then switch to circulars. I figure that I would just start out on the circulars. I need to go through the pattern and either circle or highlight the numbers pertaining to my size. The book recommends using a highlighter but since this sweater will probably only be knitted for myself, I figured I might as well just use a pen and start circling away.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Two patterns that might keep me busy knitting for awhile. A Knitting Pure & Simple Pattern for Beginner's Lightweight Socks. I got the pattern from The Loopy Ewe. I was reading the directions and they seem simple enough. I think that I am going to use the Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns in the Sherbert colorway for this pattern. The colorway is light and I should be able to see the stitches pretty well. Of course I need to get a gauge swatch first. This is the Sven Sveater that I signed up to take a class at Fiddlehead Yarns. I need to do a gauge swatch so I will be ready to start knitting next Saturday.

Lots of New Sock Yarn

Check out all my new sock yarn that I have gotten over the past week. I purchased all of the sock yarn from Sheri over at the Loopy Ewe and the Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns in the Poppy came from Fiddlehead Yarns here in Kenosha. This is all the yarn that I have recently purchased from the Loopy Ewe and Fiddlehead Yarns. I need to get it all wound into neat little pancake balls. Claudia's Handpainted Yarns in the Poppy colorway. The moment I saw this yarn, I knew that I had to have it. I absolutely love the colors in it. The picture does not do the yarn justice at all. Lorna's Laces Irving Park colorway Lorna's Laces in the Safari colorway Some Cherry Tree Hill yarn in the Earth colorway. I just love the colors in this yarn. Some Claudia's Hand Painted yarns in the Sherbert colorway. Above is some Fleece Artist in the Jester colorway. Above is the picture of the nice ball of yarn that had caused me so many problems the other day. Yes, it is the Cherry Tree Hill yarn in the Champlain Sunset colorway that is just waiting to be re-wound into a non-roll away ball.

New Pictures of the Red-Cabled Sweater.

Above picture is my version of the Red-Cabled Sweater. You can see the arm and part of the cable. Sorry that this picture is a bit blurry. Above is a picture of the neckline. I didn't like the way the neckline looked so I added a single crochet edge to it. Above is a closer look at the cable. One more picture of the Red-Cabled Sweater Pattern

Only the Button

I have only the button left to sew on the sweater and maybe the belt. I am trying to figure out if I want to do a crochet chain for the button loop and just how big it needs to be. I'm still debating about adding the belt on to the sweater like it has in the picture. My co-worker has told me not to add the belt. I'm only 4'11" and she said that it would basically cut me in half and make me look shorter. I have no idea. The belt is attached to the cable. I would pick up stitches along the cable and knit the belt from there. I'll take a picture of the sweater later tonight of the finished sweater so far and a picture of the pattern. Any suggestions would be more than welcomed. I added a single crochet on to the neckline edge, it does make the sweater look a whole lot better. The neckline needed something, it just didn't look right with the way the pattern had the neckline done. I tried the sweater on and it fits. It looks good, I'm still not too happy with the purl side as the right side of the sweater, but I would definitely wear the sweater more than once. I stopped in at Fiddlehead Yarns today. Much to my surprise, I saw that Mindy got some Claudia Hand Painted yarns in. I discovered some lace-weight yarn and then I found the motherlode of sock yarn. She had it hanging in the doorway on a pole. Lots of gorgeous colors and so much to choose from. DD went with me. I picked out four skeins of Poppy and Freesia. I had Mindy put the Freesia on hold and told her that I would pick it up next week. She reminded me about the sweater class next week. I will post my latest yarn acquistions later tonight after I take their pictures. I talked to Mindy some more about my sweater. She mentioned something about a saddle shoulder or something about the sweater. She also said that the pattern wasn't very clear about how to work the sleeves. I told her that I had figured that out. I also told her that had took the whole sweater apart and redid it. When I went in to the shop this morning, the only thing that I had left to do was to sew the side seams and the sleeve seam. The seaming went quickly and a lot better than when I had done it crocheting. I need to get the gauge swatch done for my Sven Sveater. I am hoping that I have the right needles to do the swatch and won't need to buy any new ones. I do need to place an order with Knit Picks and get the needle size tags for my Options set. I have a set of needles right now on my scarves that I might need to use. ana ihatemakingagaugeswatchbutknowthatihaveto

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ah, Yes There is Light!

Yesterday during our lunch breaks a co-worker of mine sat down with me and showed me two different ways to do seaming. Once we figured out which one worked best with the sweater it was off to the races. We seamed the side up first and then she read the directions. The sleeves actually need to be sewn in first before the sides. We also found out why the sleeves poofed up real bad. I didn't have to seam the shoulder all the way across. So, yesterday morning I decided that I wasn't going to do any knitting but got out the good old ball winder and a hank of my Cherry Tree Hill. I figured I had enough time to wind it. I should have remembered past attempts. Well anyways by the time I had left for work, I had one little itty bitty hand wound ball and a blob of yarn. Yep, that's what was waiting for me when I got home from my meeting and work yesterday. I should have known better than to attempt to wind a hank without an extra pair of hands or arms around. I kept thinking all day long, I need a swift, I need a swift. Once I got home from my meeting and showered I sat down and worked on that blob. It took me about 2 1/2 hours for that blob to turn into a hand wound ball. I didn't rescue all of it but a good portion of it. It should be enough to make a pair of socks, especially since I don't like a long cuff. This morning, before I left for work I sat down and started working on my sweater. I got the top of the shoulder seamed and one half of the shoulder of the sleeve seamed in. I am very pleased with what I am seeing so far. I am much happier, no poofiness! I need to get my co-worker a lovely thank you card for taking her lunch hour to help me in my hour of need! The sweater should be done by the end of the weekend. Tomorrow is a vacation day, I wonder how much knitting and seaming I can get done. ana whoisdoingthesnoopydanceonceagain

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I See A Speck Of Light

I see a speck of light (hope) at the end of the tunnel for my sweater. I was talking to one of the girls here at work about my sweater and she offered to show me a different way to piece the sweater together. So tonight when I get home from my meeting I am going to undo all the seaming that I have all ready done and start from scratch. I came to that decision upon talking to her. I am not going to be happy with the way that it looks at the moment. So tomorrow during lunch we are going to work on my sweater. I also decided to add an edging to the neckline. I am not sure if I want a lacy edge or just do a single crochet around the edging. I do have to make a trip to Fiddleheads tonight before my meeting in Paddock Lake to get one more ball of yarn for the sweater. I came upon that realization when I realized that I am going to need it to do the belt that goes around the sweater. I need to start knitting the gauge swatch for my Sven Sveater. But I think first I want to finish my sweater before I start on that. ana whoiswantingtobedoingtheunseamingofhersweaterandcan'twaitfortomorrow

Monday, February 19, 2007


I finished the seaming the sweater last night and tried it on. I absolutely hated it. It ended up with poofy shoulders and the fabric just didn't look right. I think I was expecting it to end up more like the picture. Should have I used the same yarn? Who knows. So it was a bit of an upsetting night. I am going to attempt to rework the sleeves so they don't end up so poofy at the top. I am not sure if it's just the way that the sleeves are designed or what. I am considering just picking up the sleeves and knitting them in the round off of the sweater. But first I am going to unattach the sleeves and reattach them to see what I get. I also discovered that I am not going to knit another sweater again that has the purl side as the main side. I do not like the way that it looks. I had also thought about not including the cable belt that is knit off of the main cable on the sweater but upon trying it on, it defintely does need the cable! There is some good news in all of this though! The good news is that the sweater fits! I have also decided to email Mindy and talk to her about the poofy sleeves. I am not sure if it is the type of seaming that I did that is causing the poofyness. I did a crochet join and if that is causing the problem. I decided to continue working on the Lady E. I pulled her out this morning and got two rectangles done. I am waiting for my box from The Loopy Ewe to arrive with the sock pattern that I ordered. Yes, I am going to attempt to knit a sock again. I am bound and determined to get at least one pair of socks done. I am not sure about the two lone socks that I have all ready finished if they will receive a mate or not. ana whowantstobehomeinbedsnoozing

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yet Another Sweater Update

I spent most of (ok all of my afternoon) at Fiddleheads today. Mindy showed me how to seam my sweater together. I have half of the sweater seamed together. I got one side, one shoulder and one sleeve completely seamed. I picked out the yarn for my Big Sven Sveater 'people size'. It's hard exactly knowing which yarns to use and then of course deciding on the color. I just thought that the sweater was going to be in two colors. It is actually knit into four colors. It wasn't too hard finding four colors that go well together once I decided on the type of yarn to use I wanted something that would knit up soft. Mindy suggested the Cascade 220. What convinced me to use the Cascade was the sweater that she had all ready knitted up in the shop. The colors that I picked were a heathered medium brown, a heathered dark brown, an orange color and an off white or creamy white color. I'll post a picture later of all the colors. I also picked up two more sweater patterns from Knitting Pure & Simple. The first one is a neckdown pullover for women and the second one is a bulky v neck pullover. That one is exactly like the one Mindy had knitted up in the shop but without the hood. I'll have to knit these up using the Cascade 220 since it isn't that expensive.

Friday, February 16, 2007


I added the pictures but the pictures showed up as html language. So I couldn't add any text with the pictures. I'll have to find out how to fix them. If anyone reading this knows please let me know. The pictures are what I received from The Loopy Ewe on Monday.

Promised Pictures

Well the battery is fully charged so I got the photos uploaded.

One More To Go

I have all of the ends of the front of my sweater to bury and then it will be ready for tomorrow. I am so excited for a couple of reasons. #1. I get to finally be almost finished with my sweater. and #2. I get to pick out the yarn for the Sven Pullover sweater for the class that I am signing up for. I just love picking out the yarn for my next project. So, what do I mean by almost finished with my sweater, well the sweater has a belt that is cabled that attaches to the cable on the sweater. (I hope that makes sense). After that is finished then it will be completed. But before that I can actually try it on and see how it fits. I just placed another order at The Loopy Ewe, with Monday being a federal holiday, I should expect to see the package on Tuesday. So what did I order? I ordered a Loopy Ewe project tote. I figure I can use this for the next pair of socks that I am hoping to knit. I also ordered a Beginner's Lightweight Sock Pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple. Then I ordered some sock yarn. I have heard that sock yarn doesn't count towards your yarn stash. But I placed an order for some Fleece Artist Jester. The picture of the socks knitted up is what sold me on this yarn. I also figure that it is a good way to try this yarn. Last but not least I got some Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Sherbert. When I was searching for my yarns, I was looking for some that had a lot of orange in them. That's why I ordered the Jester and Sherbert. Now, I can't wait for the package to come in and also to see what goodies Sheri will include with it. I just remembered I have some more pictures to post later from the last package that I received from Sheri. The camera battery died just as I was trying to upload them to my laptop. ana isitsaturdayyet

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Sweater Update

I just finished burying the ends on the two sleeves of my sweater. Now on to the front and the back and then I should be ready to seam them together on Saturday. I am getting pretty excited about piecing the sweater together. I want to do it now! I have decided that I am going to order a basic sock pattern from the Loopy Ewe and then start on my socks. Until then, the Lady E has been calling my name so I figure that I would start working on her again. Ana i'dratherbeknittingthanworking

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I didn't go into work this morning at my regular time, instead I waiting until almost 10 and then went to work. I took some pictures of my most recent yarn acquistions but of course the battery on the camera died and I wasn't unable to upload them to my computer. The battery's charging at the moment so I should be able to post some yummy yarn porn later. So what did I do with my time off? I spent the morning cleaning up my side of the bedroom. Hubby will be surprised when he gets home. I also got a little too ambitious and also cleaned out the drawers in the nightstand. I also got out my ball winder and winded up 4 of the 5 skeins of sock yarn. I still have the Cherry Tree Hill hank to go. I need to borrow some arms to get that baby wound up. All day today, I have been thinking of what I am going to knit next, the up and coming class at Fiddleheads that I want to take. Dreaming of the yarn that I am going to use for that. Hmmm thoughts of white and orange come to mind. I'm also debating about which sock yarn to start a new pair of socks. I talked to my Mom today and offered her my collection of Red Heart acrylic yarn. She said that she would take it. I told her whatever she didn't want that she could take to the senior center and see if someone there would like it. I also did some rearranging of my bookcase. It's official now, one whole shelf is taken up by my knitting books. I do want to move them to a shelf that is more my eye level. The top shelf is no fun to have them on. Ana withnoparticularsignofftoday

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Almost Done!

I finished the second sleeve tonight at my Weight Watcher meeting. I left work at about 3:15 today and made it to Paddock Lake by 4:45. Once we got everything set up I sat down and finished the last few rows that I had to knit on that second sleeve. I am so happy that part is done. I got an answer from my email from Mindy. She suggested that I bury the ends before we seam the sweater together. I am going to go into the shop on Saturday for help with pieceing it together. I'm doing the snoopy dance because it should be completed and ready to wear by the end of this weekend. I also got an email from Mindy for some new classes that are being offered at Fiddleheads. I emailed her and told her to sign me up for the Fair Isle sweater class. The class starts March 3rd. So now the big question, do I start to knit a sock or do I just work on the Lady E? Hmmm, both? I like having one or two projects on the needles but at the moment I have 3. I have kind of lost interest in knitting those scarves. I do know that I have to complete them. Maybe I'll get the motivation when it gets to be closer to Christmas and I can finish them to give them as presents. I just had an interesting thought: the Lady E is at the perfect stage now to keep my lap warm while I knit. I do know one thing though, I have to get the skeins and yarns that I got from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe wound into balls (more like pancakes). I do need to place another order for a cute project bag and also a pattern from knit pure and simple for a basic sock pattern. It's been a tiring day, too much excitement with all this snow. I spent at least two to three hours in my car today driving. I'm debating about not going into work tomorrow until later. If that happens then I can get that yarn wound into balls. Ana whoisgladthatsheishomeandoutofthesnow

12 To Go!

12 rows that is. 12 more short decreasing rows to go on the second sweater sleeve and then it is almost finished. I sent an email to Mindy asking her do I bury the ends before we start to seam the sweater together. Smoke signals were also sent out asking for help with the seaming process. This will be my first attempt at knitting a sweater as well as seaming it together. This weekend I bought a new sweater at Boston Store off the clearance rack. I found myself studying the cables on the sweater. The cables are absolutely gorgeous. Of course, I'm sitting there looking at them as how they were done. Now, that the sweater is almost finished, my thoughts are turning to what's next. I know I have to finish the Lady E and the two scarves that I have on the needles but I want to do something different. I am thinking about winding the 2 skeins of Opal and the 1 hank of Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I got in the mail yesterday from The Loopy Ewe. All three of the yarns were simply gorgeous. So my thoughts are to casting on for a sock, a simple sock pattern from the cuff down. I thought that today was going to be a good day to stay home from work and knit. Instead, I hop in my car and go to work. What normally takes me about 15 minutes from a certain spot, today took me 45 minutes! It's supposed to get worse this afternoon so I'm out here a few hours early. No knitting though, it's Weight Watchers meeting night in Paddock Lake. If I finish my knitting during lunch, I will have no knitting with me to do while I wait for the meeting to start. Depending on how much time I have and the weather, I may just make a trip to Fiddleheads. Ana whowantstobeknittingandnotatwork

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well I reached my knitting goal for this weekend. I have the first sleeve of the sweater done! I have casted on for the second sleeve and am in the process of knitting that. I still have all my ends to bury but I'm a happy camper. One sleeve down and one to go. Funny thing has been happening lately while I'm knitting. I am finding myself wanting to doze off. I guess that can happen with boreing stockinette stitch. Well I'm off to go work on that second sleeve some more. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the week. Happy Birthday to me! More later on that! anaisdoingthesnoopydancethesweaterwillbedonesometimeinfebruary

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sweater Update

I finally finished the front of the sweater and started on the first sleeve. I am so happy to have the front finally done. I stopped in at Fiddleheads yesterday to check out what is new. Mindy has tons of Lorna's Laces in stock. I almost got some in a Glencoe colorway but decided to get some Trekking and Opal instead. I just love the orange in each of the skeins of sock yarn.
Yesterday, I placed an order from the Loopy Ewe Sheri had some Opal Rainforest in so I got some. I got the Tree Frog and Butterfly colorway. I also got a sock note book and some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I placed the order yesterday and got a notification today that it has been shipped. The other thing that I got from Fiddleheads is this book for Rowan's Classic Yarn. There are several patterns in there that I love, one of these days when I have the money for the yarn I'll work on one of the patterns that I has a lot of cables. I did a post on Sheri's blog regarding a generic sock pattern. Trish answered that post with this wonder blog from Lucia. Lucia's blog has numberous sock calculators. All you do is just type in a shoe size and it generates the pattern for you. It lists the patterns for Magic Loop also. She also has tutorials for the different steps of the socks. What a wonderful site. I made sure that I bookmarked it. I am going to attempt to knit a pair of socks this time from the cuff down. I am not sure if the toe-up is for me. Who knows with this new website as a tool I may just be able to conquer it! anawho'sgoalfortheweekendistogetonesleevedone

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Finally! Pictures!

Above is the back of my sweater along with the button card that I have chosen. The pattern is the Red Cabled Sweater from Karabella Yarns (I think that's right) I got the back done in about two weeks time. I'm pleased with the feel of the yarn and I love the color. Above is a picture of the front and back of the sweater together. The front has been challenging to me. Earlier today, I had frogged a couple of rows because I had forgotten to decrease at the same time as I was binding off. A break from the WIP's. Above is a picture of my knitting bag along with my tool bag. The orange yarn is Malabrigo's Glazed Carrot. The other is Lorna's Laces Bittersweet. The Glazed Carrot is earmarked for my next Lady Eleanor. I have five other skeins of the Glazed Carrot. The Lorna's Laces is just a lone skein. I am thinking about making a cowl out of that skein. I had made a sock out of the same colorway but a different yarn weight. A close up of the two skeins of yarn. The photo doesn't do the yarn justice.

Above is my Lady Eleanore in progress. It is knitted in Malabrigo's Sapphire Magenta. I absoloutely love the feel of this yarn. It is super soft and very easy to knit with. I have plans on giving this Lady Eleanor to my Mom and knitting another up for me in the Malabrigo Glazed Carrot that you saw in one of the pictures above. There are a couple more Lady E pictures if you were to scroll down more.

Above, may I introduce to you the Moebius that I had been working on. The yarn is called Classic I forgot the whole name. It is made with merino and silk. It was a dream to work with. There are a few little design tweaks here and there. When I tried the Moebius on, I realized that it had a few problems. The first being that if I wanted to wear it as a head covering it needed to be a few more inches wider. Another problem, is that with the lace edging when I tried it on as a head covering, it looked like a baby bonnet. It would work very well just as a cowl, a dressy cowl. Above is a picture of the button that I am going to put on the back of the sweater. My Mom and I went button shopping a couple of weeks ago. I orginally thought about maybe getting a pearl type of button but decided to go with a silver and black button. I am very pleased with my selection. The best place in Kenosha I found to shop for buttons is actually JoAnn Fabrics. I had checked at WalMart and Hobby Lobby, the selection at both places were very disappointing. I guess they are good for plain buttons. JoAnn's actually had a lot of speciality buttons

Above is another view of the Lady E in all of her glory. It takes me approximately 15 minutes to knit one rectangle. I would usually knit one or two rectangles before I would leave for work in the morning. She has been put on the back burner, I want to finish my sweater before the weather gets too warm and I won't be able to wear it. What I find amusing about my Lady E, is that you can see a distinct line from where I joined a new skein of yarn. What's even more amusing is that they two skeins are from the dye lot. I am not sure if you can see them in the photo or not. anawhoisdoneplayingphotographerforatimebeing

Morning Knitting

Last night I was just too tired to do any knitting. I did start to think about my next knitting project. Since the Moebius didn't turn out quite the way that I planned I am thinking about knitting another cowl and maybe some legwarmers from this book. I have some lovely Malabrigo that I can knit it up in. That's as far as I got. This morning, after not very much deliberation, I decided that I was going to frog a couple of rows and start over. I especially wasn't too happy with the last cable. To me it just still didn't look right. So I got one of my Size 1 Addi Circulars and ran the needle across the knitting like a lifeline. I used the book Knit Fix to help me make sure I was doing to correctly. Mindy had showed me previously how to do it also, but sometimes it helps to have a little bit of confirmation that you are doing it right. Well I ran the needle across the knitting except for the area that contained the cable. Now, I just have to figure out what row I am on, how many more to knit before I have to do the cable and how many inches that I have. I need for 4.5" for the armhole then I can start all over. Hopefully this time, I will remember to bind off and decrease at the same. I wanted to add, that the Knit Fix book should become a part of every knitters library. Mindy had recommended it to me and I am very glad that she did. I will be extremely happy when I can finally start knitting the sleeves. anawhoneedsmoreknittingtimesoshecanfinishhersweaterwhileitsstillfreezingoutside.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Moebius Is Done!

I finished the Moebius a couple of days ago. I love the edges. It is not quite as wide as I would like it to be. The mistakes that I made give it a neat appearance. The Moebius is not quite wide enough to wear it as a hat. It would look really good as a collar. I am thinking about knitting another cowl but this time in a plain stockinette stitch. I want to do something that would protect my neck from the cold wind and if need be to wear it over my head as a hat. I bought some gorgeous Lorna's Laces bittersweet color. I haven't made too much more progress on my sweater. I stopped in Friday night to see Mindy about my sweater on my way home. The cable didn't look quite right to me so I wanted to make sure that it was ok. She said that it looked fine. Saturday morning DD had a orthodontist appointment. I started working on the sweater there but ran into a few problems; like a couple of dropped stitches. I quickly found out that I did not have my crochet hook. It was hard to pick up the stitches without the hook but somehow I managed to do that. I spent most of the weekend working for Weight Watchers. It was inventory weekend and the Pleasant Prairie center still had a lot more work that needed to be done. DH's wide screen HD TV was delivered this weekend. So that caused a lot of extra work. I swear I need a day off just from the weekend. I still have some pictures to take and of course the never ending battle with the laundry. I have a couple more loads of laundry to do. Is anyone out there reading my blog? I would love to have at least one comment! anawhoisbeatandstillhasalotofworktodobeforebedtonight