Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last day of January

Hard to believe that January 2007 is almost history! I have made more progress on my Moebius cowl. I am on my last row of the lace edging, then on to the garter edge and then finally binding off. I figure that I have approximately 2 or 3 more rounds to knit and then it can come off of the needles. Once I got a hang of the pattern it was really fun to knit. I am definitely going to attempt to cast-on for this again and knit another one up hoping that it won't be of my own creation. I am taking a wee bit of a break from my sweater knitting (mainly due to the fact that I want to finish the Moebius). I have my eye on my next project. I have the Sapporo 2007 pattern book from Dale of Norway. I am looking at the caps to get some practice in for knitting in more than one color. Although, I should really start finishing up some of the othe projects that I have on the needles. I have not forgotten about the two scarves that I have on the needles nor have I forgotten the two socks that don't have a mate. anawhosboredatworkandwantstoworkonhermoebiussoitwillbeafinishedobject

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sweater Update

I did get to Fiddleheads last night to get some help in ripping out a few rows of knitting. Here I thought that it was going to be several inches worth. When I measured it, it only ended up being about 5 or 6 rows. Mindy showed me how to rip it out but I ran into some problems when it came time to put the stitches back on the needle for the cable row. Wouldn't you know that I had ripped out all the way to the cable row. The first row that I was knitting was the cable row and that caused a few problems. Mindy ended up fixing it for me and finished knitting the row for me. I owe her a huge thanks for that. My DD ended up coming with me, she had thought that we were only going to be there for about 15 minutes, well it turned up to be an hour. She couldn't resist the yarn and found some turquoise to go with her coat in a baby ul by dale of norway. We would have had to use really small needles and she would have been forever knitting. So she ended up getting some yarn in a turquoise in a Cascade Quatro. I am going to have to cast-on for her so she can start her scarf. She is going to make a skinny scarf. I didn't work on my sweater last night but instead continued working on my Moebius. Despite all of it's design flaws, I am anxious to take it off the needles and try it on. I am on the lace edging. 8 more rounds to go and then I can bind off and try her on. I also need to make some progress on my sweater, I can't wait to begin piecing that together so I can finally show off all my hardwork. anawhoknowssheneedstopostphotosofherwips.

Monday, January 29, 2007

No pictures yet

I didn't realize that it has been awhile since I last posted. So I guess it's catch-up time. I really haven't finished anything that I had been working on. Since my last post I have taken a sweater class and a class to learn how to make Moebius cowl. I didn't quite get the hang of the cast on method so most of the class was spent working on that. I did manage to mess that up but I am moving on. I decided that I am just going to knit with this one skein of yarn and then attempt to cast-on on my own and see how I do. It is a cool looking cowl. I figure that it would be good to use as a scarf for around my neck and also maybe a hat. I also started a sweater class and that is now complete but the sweater isn't. I am using a pattern from Karabella yarns called the Red Cabled Sweater except mine is more of a lilac color done in Debbie Bliss' cashmerino aran. It is very soft and the yarn has been a dream to work with. I have the back completed and was almost done with the back but I have a problem I think I went a bit too far with the armhole measurements and now I have to rip out several inches of knitting. Once the front is done then it is onto the sleeves and then piecing it together. The last thing to complete is a belt that attaches to the cable that goes around to the back cable. I can't wait to finally get to try the sweater on. Once everything is said and done, the sweater will have costed me $80 in yarn, $25 for the class, $14 for the circular needle and all the time that I have invested in it. That is going to be one expensive sweater. I know that the next sweater I want to knit is something from Dale of Norway. It'll be my first attempt into knitting with two colors. Eventually I want to learn how to knit continental style. I currently knit english. Knitting daughter has been working on a lime green skinny scarf in a cascade wool. She still has twenty stitches on her needle but somehow has developed a hole in her knitting. She's ok with the hole. She was so cute on Sunday, she brought her knitting with her and sat in the back corner of the meeting room when I was doing my Weight Watchers meeting. She said that one of my members asked her who taught her how to knit and she said my mom and the girl turned to her mom and said how come you haven't taught me how to knit. She surprised me on Friday night when she wanted to come to my knitting class with me. I forgot to ask how she liked it. She did get quite a bit of knitting done. I would be amazed if she did have some fun because there was no one there that was her age. Lady Eleanor has been put to the back burner for awhile. I think that I need to not start any more projects until I get a few of them that are on the needles off. anawhoneedstogetsomeprogresspicturesposted

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

I thought that when I woke up yesterday at around 11 or so, that it would be a marathon knitting day. Well it ended up being a marathon nap day. I practically slept the whole day away. I did manage to make some progress on my Lady E. She is growing very nicely. I know that I do need to take some pics of her to post here. Over the weekend, I believe it was Friday night, my DD and I went to get her phone activated that her Grandma gave her for Christmas. She is now a happy camper on that front. Once we got the phone activated we headed over to my favorite LYS, Fiddleheads and I used up all my gift certificates that I had gotten for Christmas. I paid for my sweater class and had enough money to buy the yarn for my class. I originally had thought to do my sweater in the same color as the Midwest Moonlight Scarf but decided that it may be too red with my new haircolor. We traded the one lone ball of that color that I had bought for the swatch to do a lovely purple color. (I believe I need to add some photos of my recent yarn purchases.) My sweater class starts on the 13th. I need to knit up my gauge swatch and I also need to find a pair of needles that I am comfortable with. I believe that the needle size the pattern calls for is all ready in use for my Midwest Moonlight Scarf. Oh well, I'll figure something out.