Saturday, November 15, 2008

I didn't know I had died

Here's an email that I received today. Hmmm, I think I'll just let them leave me dead. What do you think?
We receive an email that you are dead and you ask one MR.KADEEJIA IRVIN MOORE to come and claim your funds been the fund to related to your lottery funds $2 Million United State Dollars that has been with us since two weeks now and he has also agreed to pay for the delivery charges $550 Usd.So I am writing you to know if you are DEAD OR ALIVE, if you do not reply back before 72hrs we will have no other alternative that to believe that are truly dead according to MR.KADEEJIA IRVIN MOORE . And if you are still alive you can get back to me as fast as you can or you can call me on my phone take note that every thing has been paid for it is just for the cost of transfer that this MR.KADEEJIA IRVIN MOORE has agreed to pay for if you refuse to get back to us am afraid we shall give the fund transfer to him and collect the money from him that means that he is right that you are dead and you ask him to come and claim the funds on your behalf.WE HAVE WITH US A SCAN COPY of the SECRET PHOTO SHOT WE SNAPPED HIM and his FRIEND THE DAY HE CAME TO OUR OFFICE TO TABLE TO OUR OFFICE THAT YOU ARE DEAD,IF YOU NEED IT, WE SCAN IT FOR YOUR VERIFICATION PURPOSES.Please take note that you have been given just 72hrs to get back to us so that we can know if you are alive, and fill the Information Below. Name: Fax , House Address: Phone Number: We await your swift response in regard of this email we have received from MR.KADEEJIA IRVIN MOORE .Truly Yours.Mr. Williams CrossPhone: +234-708-283-0661

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy Thursday

Studying is not going well this week at all. I have done very little in the way of reviewing for my exam which is on the 24th. I need to get through the last chapter of the book then I can start my final review process. My thoughts are this exam might be ugly. I am not going to be prepared much less have any chance of passing. I am still waiting the results from the third section that I took last month. So far I have failed two sections of the exam.
On the knitting front things are going well. I am almost finished with my third sock. Yes, you heard me right. Third sock. I am current knitting Monica Jines pattern Mini Pretzel Twists using Wollmeise. When I finished knitting the second sock it was completely different than the first. I wasn't too happy with the fit of the first sock. It was a bit more loose in the foot than I normaly like. I like a snug sock and since these socks are for me. The striping is way different between the two socks. So, after I finished the second sock I got out my Weight Watchers scale and weighed both completed socks individually and then the leftover yarn. I determined that I have more than enough yarn to knit a third sock. So that's what I proceeded to do. The third sock is similar to the second sock in striping and fit. So I am a happy camper. I am on the foot of the third sock. It doesn't take me long at all to knit up a sock. I can normally do a pair in about two weeks time. So one sock takes me a week.
I signed up for another swap. This one is the Loopy Swap 3. I got my partner in email the other day. Last night I figured out what I am going to knit for her and ordered the yarn. By the time the yarn gets here I should have the sock finished and ready to start the mystery project. I am always excited to start a new project. I still have Lady Eleanor on the needles. One of these years she will be an FO. I was surprised that I was able to figure out where I left off in the pattern. I have come a long way in my knitting experience. I bought a Namaste bag, my very first one. I got a Laguna in peacock. Now I just need to transfer everything to my new bag. I am trying to decide if I want to see my Offhand Designs bag or not.