Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas (A Few Days Late)

Well another Christmas has come and gone. Oh wait, there is one more Christmas to celebrate. My side of the family is Serbian Eastern Orthodox and we celebrate Christmas on January 7th. DD's birthday is on the 6th of January. We still are in the planning stages for her birthday. She has mentioned that she wants a vanilla layer cake decorated with polka dots and stars. So I'll have to order her cake before it gets to be too late. We didn't quite have a full house for Christmas. My aunt and cousin didn't show and an uncle was sick. I messed up the mashed potatoes. I put the milk and butter in the bottom of the bowl then added the potatoes started mashing and then oops this is too soupy. Instant potatoes to the rescue! The dressing ended up being too dry. Although it re-heated up even better. I ended up giving out a lot of the hand knitted items as Christmas gifts. All recipients seemed to have loved their gifts (either that or they are very good actors/actresses. I signed up to take a sweater class at Fiddleheads. I got several gift certificates to Fiddleheads. Enough to pay for the class and purchase the yarn for the sweater. Photos to come later. I am making progress on the Lady Eleanor. I am enjoying knitting her very much. I can't wait to start knitting her in some Glazed Carrot Malabrigo. The only knitting gift that I got from DH was the SNB calendar. I need to bring that to work so I can enjoy it there!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays

How many days until Christmas? Less than a week, 5 days to be exact. This month sure has flown by. I couldn't believe that my last post was on November 13th. I've been busy with working for Weight Watchers (my part time job) and my full time job. We just went through our year-end process which sucked up about 8 hours of my extra time per week. I am definitely going to miss the overtime pay. On the knitting front, where to begin. I guess I could give you a listing of projects that are on my needles. I may end up shocking myself here. 1. Lady Eleanore in the lovely Sapphire Magenta Malabrigo. I should take a picture of her progress. I learned how to knit her at a class at Fiddleheads. 2. Midwest Moonlight scarf in a lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. A gorgeous wine color. 3. A scarf done in Frog Tree, in a lovely purple colorway. Not too bad if I say so myself. Only 3 WIPs. From what I can remember, I haven't had too many finished projects but they are definitely worth mentioning and maybe worthy of a picture later. First, I did finish a pair of socks. Although....they are not the perfect match for one another. The first one, I finished was done in Austerman's Step. Done in toe-up. The other sock is done in Lorna's Laces. I'll have to post the name later. Last night, I ended up finishing knitting up a washcloth. I have decided that I am going to start my Christmas knitting for next year now. This year for Christmas, I am going to give each of my aunts (there's only 2) 2 washcloths and a bottle of dishwashing liquid. My brother is going to get the same along with my dad. My dad is kind of funny, he told me that I didn't have to get him anything, well technically I didn't get him anything, I made him something. Last Saturday, I attended another class at Fiddleheads to learn other methods for casting on and binding off. That was a very big help. Look for more pictures to be posted later. anawhoatthemomentwhohasallofherchristmaspresentswrapped.