Thursday, January 19, 2006

Exercise Log 1/19/06

Gym at work Walked on treadmill 20 min. had to bump the speed up to 4.o and incline to 1.5. My heart rate was in the low 100's. Ellipitical for 4 minutes. Feeling better doing it. Chest Flys 10lbs dumbbells 3 sets 12reps bicep curls 10 lbs dumbebells 3 sets 12 reps I also did my ab work out on an incline bench. I actually like laying upside down at times. Rec Plex Walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes had to bump the speed to 3.9 lbs. Ellipitical 3 minutes, that was a struggle. I had a different type of machine so I definitely felt it in my legs. I did my full arm workout. I also worked on my crunches. I feel my tummy getting stronger.

New Year Somewhat Catch up

I've decided to start using my blog again but this time more to keep a log of what I am doing with my exercising. I've decided to get serious about my workouts. What i do at the gym will be posted in a separte entry. Since December 3rd last year, I had gained 11 lbs but I have all ready lost 4lbs. I was surprised that I had dropped 4 lbs in one week. I should be able to get the last 7 lbs off. My ultimate goal is to lose about 15 more pounds. I am now a leader for weight watchers. So I will also be talking about how my meetings go every week. I went to Basic Leader training in the beginning of October. It's been a wonderful ride. I have so much fun doing my meetings. I lead a Saturday morning and a Sunday noon meeting. One is in Milwaukee and the other is in Kenosha. Both groups are great! I'm still trying to find my groove when I do my meetings but I'm slowly getting better. Last Sunday I tried something completely different and it worked and it felt great. Lately, I have been typing my meetings up in Word and then bringing them to the meeting and pretty much using them as a cheat sheet. Well this past Sunday, I only had a poem and some directions typed up that I absolutely could not memorize. Well I made up my flipcharts, wrote some pencil notes on the flips just mainly questions that I wanted to ask (I need to put them on the other side of the flips though because of how I stand when I'm presenting the meeting). Sunday's meeting I felt like I was in control and I had a lot of fun. I'm anxious to see how Saturday's meeting will go. Sunday's meeting should be a fun one, it's about activity. Something that is near and dear to me. I am very happy to say that I can actually talk about it with pride because I am very physically active. I still have to make my flips for the meeting and gather some props. I'll discuss the meeting more in detail in one of my up and coming posts. My job is another story which will be another post. I am going to call it a night. Blog ya later.