Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blog Changes and so far today's happenings

Well I have been playing around with my blog and decided to do some changes. One of the first things that I did was to change the heading of my blog. I changed the address of the blog and then last but not least I changed the look. The hardest thing to do was to come up with a name. I kind of looked around and "borrowed" some ideas from other people. The name may change from time to time but the web address shall remain the same. I got a call this morning from another weight watcher leader asking me to sub for a couple of meetings later today. I agreed to do the meetings. Of course, I don't have anything with me for the meetings so I quickly whipped up what I had done on Sunday with a slight variation and I am ready for tonight. This week's topic is such a good topic that it should generate a lot of discussion. This morning before leaving for work I got a couple more rows done on the yellow dragonfly square that I am working on. One more row, then I bind off and it is on to the next square. I haven't decided which square or color I am going to work on next. I have been doing a lot of reading lately on the Knitter's Review Forums website. I am getting some great ideas on there. One idea that I am considering is making a list of what I am going to make everyone for Christmas. Well not quite everyone. I am not going to attempt anything that is going to take a very long time to make. I seem to be enjoying the quick projects. It also helps that I have been able to knit on my lunch hours. I am amazed at how many rows I can complete during that time frame. I'm also thinking that a trip to Michaels is due in the next couple of days. They have Sugar 'N Cream yarn on sale for $1 a skein. Stock up time! Hopefully I will stay away from the varigated colors and start going to the solids. I figure that I can stock up on them for making dishcloths. I have my eye on a Mason Dixon warshrag in the new awesome book that I just bought. I saw the sale in one of the postings to the Yahoo group that I belong to, then of course I had to go check the local ad out just to make sure. Now, I have been itching to go and stock up.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Where to start. Work was not too eventful. I got an email from HR saying that the resume that I posted for in CHMS was sent to the hiring manager. I had an informational interview a couple of weeks ago with the hiring manager. I would be very surprised if I didn't get an interview with him. I used to work with Rob when I was in the department. There were also 2 Financial Analyst and an Accountant position that I posted for today. The Accountant position is in the area that I work and I know the manager. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get one of these positions that I have posted for. Went to the gym after work today. I decided to sort of take it easy. I jumped on the treadmill and walked and ran for about 20 minutes. I covered a total of 1.3 miles according to the treadmill. I was sucking wind pretty bad. As I was running/walking I kept thinking of how much of a setback I had by taking off so much time from the gym. I am hoping that I am not going to be so stupid again. I am a bit sore so I am going to take off the next couple days and go back on Thursday. Thursday is weight lifting day! I wonder how much I am going to be able to lift. The other thing that I am considering, is do I go back to the 3 reps of each muscle group or do I go back to doing the Body for Life pyramid that I have been doing. I got a little bit of knitting done. At the moment I am knitting a yellow dragonfly block. The block is halfway done. I all ready have two blocks completed. I will post a picture of them sometime soon. Maybe I'll post the picture of the three blocks that I have completed. Although, they are not blocked so they are not going to look pretty. Maybe I should figure out how to block them and then post them. We'll see.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


At least this weekend didn't seem to fly by like they normally do. Saturday, I did my Weight Watchers meeting and it seemed to go fairly well but no one really wanted to talk. Sometimes I feel like I am pulling teeth. I got home from the meeting, then we took my daughter to the orthodontist. After that we returned my husband's cell phone because he decided that the didn't want one. After we turned it back in and got back to the car first words out of his mouth were "freedom". I look it like this, it is going to save me some money each month because that is one less phone that I am going to have to pay for. After that was lunch at Culver's. From there, my daughter and I dropped my husband off at home and then took a field trip to Milwaukee to look for two yarn shops that I had learned about from a fellow knitter on a knitters review forum website that I like to read. One of the websites contained directions on how to get there. We found the two shops with no problems. The first shop was my favorite. The lighting was good and the selection of yarn was good. Lots of different textures and gorgeous colors. I could tell that my daughter was getting bored. I don't think she shares my love of yarn yet. I ended up buying a skein of cotton yarn, 2 skeins of bamboo. I saw this gorgeous butterfly shrug that I fell in love with. The owner of the shop was kind enough to give me the pattern since I bought two skeins. I wasn't too crazy about the idea of crocheting since that is what the pattern calls or but it wouldn't hurt to do some crocheting every now and then. The next shop we went to was just down the road a bit. The first thing that I noticed was a couch in back of the store where the owner was teaching someone about either knitting or crocheting. There was not a lot of yarn to select from. I didn't feel too comfortable with the shop. The owner did mention something about a yarn shop opening up in Kenosha. My husband ended up going to the races only to come home because of being rained out. I spent most of night working on one of the squares for my afghan and worked on my meeting for Sunday. I was pretty excited and had a real good feeling about my meeting on Sunday and I was correct. It was such an awesome meeting. I am trying something new. I only had one flipchart page that I made at the meeting center. I am typing my questions on a piece of paper and having them on a chair. I am also coming up with questions on my own. I feel that my meetings are starting to evolve and I am becoming a better leader. I am anxious to see how Wednesday's and Saturday's group respond to this meeting. I also believe that it is a good topic. Well tomorrow is back to the gym. In a way I am looking forward to it and in a way I am not. I'm not looking forward to seeing how much of a setback that I have had. I am starting to feel miserable and out of shape.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Been Awhile

I finally graduated from college, after 10 long grueling years. I graduated Magna Cum Laude but that was back in May. My son graduated from high school. I ended up wiping away a few tears that night. I was so proud of him. Unfortunately, we don't have many pictures fromt hat night. I told my husband to go take some pictures and he didn't get any! I am happy to say that the local newspaper did manage to take one picture of him looking so proud and so I ordered it and that is the only picture that I have from his graduation night. The local paper ended up putting a little bit about how the two of us started school, me college at Carthage and my son high school at the same time and graduated in the same year. So now everyone's been asking "What are you going to do with all that free time?" My reply was I have no clue. So what have I been doing with all my free time? I have picked up knitting again. I taught myself how to knit last year and have picked up the needles again. My latest passion has been knitting dishcloths. I have completed a couple. I will post pictures of these later. My latest project that I am working on is a bunch of blocks to which I am going to assemble as an afghan. I am calling my afghan butterflies and dragonflies. I am doing it in Lion Brand Micro Spun in the colors of Coral, Lime, Lavender, Turquoise and Buttercup. I had to do a layout in Excel to determine how many blocks of each pattern I am doing and in what color. The hardest part was to make sure that a lot of the same colors were not next to each other or repeated in the same row. There are only two colors that are diagonal from each other. I am going to layout all the blocks before I sew them together and take a picture to see if they look good together. If not, I may be doing some more knitting. I have on Coral block completed and that took maybe not even a half of skein of yarn. I had thought originally to give this afghan to my daughter but she's not too thrilled about the dragonflies and butterflies. She had helped to pick out the colors. She had thought that I was going to a striped afghan for her. I guess I should have told her what I had planned. Mom's birthday is Sunday. We're taking her out to Cracker Barrel for her birthday. I am going to tell her what I am going to get for her birthday but I have to wait for a sale. Usually Hobby Lobby has it on sale for half off. She wants a mirror that has pegs on it for a coat rack. She likes the one that we have in front entrance way. So I figured that is what I am going to get her. I should have remembered that she said that she wanted one. She had mentioned it. I had to ask my brother what mom wanted. Well I am going to close for now.