Monday, June 18, 2007

Monkeying Around Update & Other Non-Knitting Stuff

First all a Monkey Update! The Monkeys are done! The Monkeys are done! Pictures in another post along with a posting to the Knit Pligg. The Monkeys actually have been done for well over a week. Look how bad I am. In that time frame I also have completed the sock that I have been working on using Cascade's Fixation yarn. Photo to come of that also. I have casted on for another sock but using a different color of the Fixations. I am almost to the point where I am ready to start decreasing for the toe. I just started this sock over the weekend. I really need to start keeping a notebook and keeping track when I start a project and finish it. I have joined Mystery Stole 3. Sign ups close on Friday as to that's when the first clue comes out. I have my yarn picked out and bought my needles. I want to stop at hobby lobby and see if I can find some beads that might work with the stole. My Mom is in the process of selling her house. So I have been over there helping her go through 43 years worth of stuff. She is going to temporarily move in with DH, DD and I. DH has been wonderful about this. I'll go more into detail about the troubles we are having with the offer we received on the house. DS recently informed us that he is slowly moving out. He has been MIA for quite some time. He's been living with his girlfriend and her dad. His girlfriend asked her Dad if DS could move in with them and her dad replied, I all ready thought he had. I'm not quite sure how I feel because with Mom moving in things are definitely in a state of flux at the moment. On a brighter note, I did hear from my pal in the UK that I had knitted a scarf for. She received the package and became the envy of her office. She had me ship the parcel to her office. I need to post the photos on the ISE4 blog. Either that or send Dawn the photos and she can post them. That might be a better plan.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

One Monkey Down, One to Go!

Here's the first Monkey in all of it's glory! I am very pleased with how it turned out. Here's a closer view of the foot. I like how it is striping. I immediately cast on for the second Monkey! Although I am sad to report that second Monkey decided to go to the frog pond! I had knitted almost two complete repeats before I made a mistake that I couldn't fix. The mistake got worse and worse. So it was destined for the frog pond. This is actually the third Monkey that I cast on for. This is a very easy pattern to knit and I am becoming more and more addicted to knitting socks as each day goes on! Now, for the big question? Could this be your sock??