Friday, February 01, 2008

Monkeys Have Landed!

It's been an interesting week, first this package came from AnaMarie. The package contained an adoreable stuffed monkey, some stitch keepers, a monkey bag, some monkey fabric, a Cookie A pattern and two skeins of Apple Laine yarn. Also this adoreable handmade card.
Then this gorgeous ball of hand-dyed yarn from Jane arrived. Jane dyed this yarn especially for me. She dyed some Jaggerspun sport weight yarn. Now to find the perfect sock pattern for this awesome yarn. Any ideas? Thanks Jane very much. Jane was assigned my angel since we hadn't heard anything from my pal in a long time. She's been an awesome angel.
Then another package came and they contained the most comfortable awesome pair of Monkeys ever. The socks fit like a dream and came at the most perfect time. I have worn them two of three times all ready and I just got them. Also in the package was some Mike & Ike candy, a cute sock bag, a monkey key chain and another Cookie A pattern. I don't know who this angel is quite yet because I also found out that she is Sock It To Me Twice pal. She is an awesome angel. I wonder what her thoughts were when she found out that she was to be my Monkey Pal angel also? Thank you Secret Pal for a gorgeous pair of socks and the awesome package that you put together.


chanknits said...

Wow! Tons of goodness, but I LOVE those socks!

gilraen said...

That's a lovely package!! You have had some lovely senders :)

Your SITM2 Pal =) said...

There was supposed to be a note in with the package I sent, but in my haste to get out the door I forgot to put it in there >.>
I'm very happy to hear they fit and you like them. I love that colorway and thought they might add a bit of cheerfulness to the otherwise drab winter. It's Opal Neon 1937 (I'm pretty sure), so they're super wash!

Rebecca said...

YAY! I hope this makes up for your initial disappointment. Great angels!